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Why SQL is beating NoSQL, and what this means for the future of data

After years of being left for dead, SQL today is making a comeback. How come? And what effect will this have on the data community? SQL awakens to fight the dark forces of NoSQL Since the dawn of computing, we have been collecting exponentially growing amounts of data, constantly asking more from our data storage, processing, […]

13 keys of a scorecard

13 keys of a scorecard In recent years, he has spoken at many organizations about the need for a control panel . This tool bases its operation on a set of indicators to monitor the performance of the business , so almost any company could incorporate one into their routines and take advantage. The reasons […]

What companies know about Big Data?

What companies know about Big Data? Companies that employ based on the analysis of big data strategies margins up 20% in revenue , penetration and retention. The solutions offered by the big data providers should focus on broad technology where the key data storage management functions and control points are natively integrated , based on […]